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Tee times for the monthly tournaments will be ready by the Thursday before the tournament.

Please note that the handicaps shown here are unofficial. Your official course handicap will be on your scorecard the day of the tournament.

Also note that updates made after 7:30 a.m. on Friday not be reflected here. If you are a late addition, or had to change tee times, please contact the pro shop at 916-922-5209.

The May  tournament will be played from the White tees for the men and the Gold tees for the women on Saturday May 13th.

  Teal Bend  
  Net Amateur  
Tee #1     9:00 am      
  H.I. C.H.  
Reene Smith 20.0 21  
Ray Torres 14.9 15  
Brad Moore 7.0 7  
Scott Gregersen 6.6 7  
Tee #1     9:10 am      
  H.I. C.H.  
Susan McAlister 14.1 14  
Charles West 10.2 11  
Paul Coccovillo 12.9 13  
Tee #1     9:20 am      
  H.I. C.H.  
George Smiley 24.6 25  
John Wentzel 8.9 9  
Mark Gorney 15.8 16