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    Teal Bend Golf Club Membership

Join Teal Bend Golf Club. Click HERE for a membership form.

Membership Form 

If you cannot open the membership form you may need to download Adobe Acrobat Reader. Adobe Reader is completely safe and is used by millions of people worldwide. Click on the Adobe Icon below to get the reader and follow the two simple steps.
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Teal Bend Golf Club Constitution and By-Laws

Click HERE to view the Constitution and By-Laws.

Tournament Entry Forms

All tournament entry forms are available on this website. Just click on the Tournaments button above to access the entry forms. Your tournament entry form must be received by Teal Bend by Monday's mail delivery of the week of the tournament. Please get your entries in early.

Your E-Mail Address

We will be providing a lot of club information via e-mail again this year. It is important for you to provide us with your e-mail address when you fill out your membership application so we can continue to achieve our goal. In addition, if you change your e-mail address please notify Reene Smith so we can update our records. Please be assured that we will not sell or give your e-mail address to anyone; it will be used exclusively for Teal Bend Golf Club business.

Club Championship Tournament

We want our Club Champions to be regular participants in our club. In order to achieve this, you must play in at least three (3) other club events between November 1, and the Club Championship to win the tournament. In addition, one of your three qualifying tournaments must be a non-NCGA event. If you haven’t played in at least three other club events, you may play in the tournament, but you cannot win it. 

Final Note on our Tournaments

We play our tournaments by the rules of the United States Golf Association (USGA), Northern California Golf Association (NCGA), and a few local rules, but we realize that we are not the PGA Tour. Our goal is not to try to put people on the “Tour”, but to provide a forum for fun, fair golf competitions. Please don’t feel intimidated about competing in our club tournaments. We welcome first timers and high-handicappers! We always flight (group) our tournaments so that you play against others of your capability. High handicappers are never expected to compete against low handicappers. This allows for everyone to have fun and a chance to win their flight! If you have any questions or special requests regarding our tournaments please e-mail one of the Board members and they will respond to you promptly. The Board members can be found on the home page.

Tournament Tiebreaker System

Occasionally, a player or team will end up in a tie when their final scores have been determined. In that case, we use the matching score-cards tiebreaker system recommended by both the USGA and the NCGA. That tiebreaker system is as follows:

1)     Lowest net back-nine score (holes 10-18) using 1/2 of their course handicap with .5 or higher rounded up.

2)     Lowest net back-six holes (holes 13-18) using 1/3 of their course handicap with .5 or higher rounded up.

3)     Lowest net back-three holes (holes 16-18) using 1/6 of their course handicap with .5 or higher rounded up.

4)     Lowest net back-one hole (the 18th hole) using 1/18 of their course handicap with .5 or higher rounded up.

If still tied, we will use the lowest net score on the number 1 handicap hole (currently #8) using 1/18 of their course handicap with .5 or higher rounded up.

Finally, if still tied, we will draw straws. Longest straw wins.

For detailed information on this tie-breaking system please visit the following article at the USGA's website:



Biggest Misconception Regarding Establishing an NCGA Handicap

The biggest misconception regarding establishing a NCGA handicap, and therefore joining a golf club is that you have to collect six 18-hole score cards before you can apply. That is nonsense. You do not need to submit ANY scorecards to become an NCGA member. The table below was copied from the NCGA’s website, www.ncga.org, and explains how your handicap is computed based upon the number of rounds you have registered with the NCGA.

 If you have fewer than 20 differentials (18-hole scorecards) available:

Scorecards Available

Scorecards Used

1 – 4

No INDEX Issued

5 or 6

Lowest 1

7 or 8

Lowest 2

9 or 10

Lowest 3

11 or 12

Lowest 4

13 or 14

Lowest 5

15 or 16

Lowest 6


Lowest 7


Lowest 8


Lowest 9

So please, join at any time. Your handicap will be established as you play and post your scores into each courses’ NCGA computer.